Ricardo Daniel

Ricardo Daniel, is a professional drummer and he is collaborating with Book of Giants in the recordings and arrangement of the first album. He has studied jazz in the Hot Club of Portugal and later obtained musical education from the Rockschool, and the Royal School of Music of London .

He has worked with well known Portuguese artists, such as Susana Félix, Adelaide Ferreira and Rita Guerra, as well as international artists such as Ronan Keating.

Rui Pina

Rui Pina is a very talented acoustic/electric bass player that has worked in cool bands such as Orn Spirit and Triple X. He is collaborating with Book of Giants in the recordings of the first album, and live performances

Nuno Andrade

Nuno currently lives in Braga, Portugal, and he is  a professional guitar player, singer and songwriter. He is the lead singer and guitarist on the Portuguese blues band Fireblue. He has collaborated with Book of Giants in the song "Your Heart is as Black as Night" with an original guitar solo part and arrangement.

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